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As our community continues to grow, we have all noticed an increase in the number of vehicles in our neighborhoods. We also realize that the number of children playing in these neighborhoods are increasing. While your Mountain Home Police Bureau is making every effort to address speeding and other moving violation concerns in your area, we find it sometimes difficult to impact these concerns without your assistance.

In addition to our daily operations in traffic enforcement, the Mountain Home Police Bureau has come up with a couple ways to address these concerns with your help and support. The Smart Radar Trailer, The Mountain Home Police Bike Patrol ( Radar Enforcement ), and Enhanced Radar Traffic Enforcement, with our Motor Unit are all contributing to local traffic enforcement.


This is perhaps one of the most well known of enforcement techniques and radar technology can accurately measure the speed of an on-coming car. Methods of deploying Radar Traffic Enforcement include, but is not limited to, our Motor Unit, Bike Patrol, and Regular Patrol where time and resources permit. 

Occasionally, we will use a speed trailer (a trailer that flashes the speed to on-coming cars) to inform drivers of their speed as a sort of a warning, and no citations are issued. We often use the speed trailer when we get a complaint about speeders in a specific area to see if the area warrants a radar enforcement program. If there are a lot of speeders, we will implement a radar enforcement program on a street to break a pattern of people speeding on the street.


The Smart Trailer is equipped with a radar gun and computer that records vehicle speeds, number of vehicles, and time of day for each speed.  

The Smart Trailer is used to educate drivers of their speeds in various areas and to encourage driver awareness.  

It also allows the Mountain Home Police Bureau to conduct traffic studies to determine any changes needed on a street, and to schedule various types of traffic enforcement in the area.



Using the form below, please let us know where we can assist you with additional traffic enforcement.   We will make every effort to increase patrols and enforcement in those areas depending on available resources.    

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